Monday, February 22, 2010

Videos : Flash studies .

How TTL/BL works

TTL/BL and wireless flash compared ...

TTL/BL and metering modes

TL/BL flash and the focus point diamond .

Flash basics : TTL flash

Flash basics : Two exposures in one .

On camera flash comparisons ;

How high-fp or auto-fp flash works :

Sound activated flash trigger :

Motion detecting camera trigger ...

Tests with the bounce card and diffuser dome .

Rear curtain flash .


FlashMike said...

Fantastic series of videos explaining flash dynamics. Thank you Desmond, for taking the time to put these videos together so that others can learn. Your method of teaching is hands on, with easy to understand narration. I particularly like the videos on remote (sound & light) triggering of camera functions. Hell I like them all. Reading details from a manual is laborious and sometimes the meaning is ambiguous. Keep up the great work mate

Desmond Downs said...

Thanks very much for the feedback - it makes it more worthwhile doing it when I know people are learning from it :)

Allan Kendall said...

Brilliant information sharing Desmond, thank you very much.

I have a question....

Does the active focus point make a difference to how the camera meters? I use manual focus point selection and wonder if the ttl/bl mode still uses the other focus points?

Also I recompose after focusing on eyes, will this mess up exposure? I notice that my camera meter changes very often as I move the camera for composition and this is why I mostly use manual mode to lock in exposure.

Thanks for any comments.


Desmond Downs said...

Hi Allan , TTL-BL itself uses the whole 'focus point diamond' when it meters - it doesn't care which focus point you have selected .
Only when you are in manual and matrix metering does the active focus point come into play and it's generally only at the critical point where you are in manual mode and the meter suddenly moves from -2/3 to "-1 " that you will see much difference because it's at that point that TTL-BL , which is 'watching the meter ',decides it is time to take over the exposure with the flash power .